We are thrilled to be offering the Myra Makes afterschool program this Fall! In this program we help our character Myra overcome challenges she faces in her adventures by building with Legos, pipe cleaners, and other art supplies. Participants will also create their own problem solving stories and collaborate in […]

Myra Makes: STEM Adventures

Permaculture Action Days are community events that bring together music, education, and tangible infrastructure improvements which demonstrate the power we have to regenerate our hurting world. We have worked with the Permaculture Action Network and others to help produce several action days in Denver. Our next action days will be […]

Front Range Permaculture Action

Boulder Biomimicry’s design philosophy is a unique blend of systems thinking, biomimicry, permaculture, and empathy-based design philosophies. We are always looking for avenues to teach design, and have led sessions at music festivals, permaculture action days, university classes, and one-on-one with a variety of professionals. Please inquire at for […]

Living Systems Design Education